Charles F. Manski

Curriculum Vitae


Short Biography


Some Autobiographical Reflections: Unlearning and Discovery




Forthcoming Articles


Randomizing Regulatory Approval for Diversification and Deterrence, Journal of Legal Studies


Interpreting Point Predictions: Some Logical Issues, Foundations and Trends in Accounting


Survey Measures of Family Decision Processes for Econometric Analysis of Schooling Decisions, with Pamela Giustinelli, Economic Inquiry


Credible Interval Estimates for Official Statistics with Survey Nonresponse, Journal of Econometrics



Working Papers


More Data or Better Data? A Statistical Decision Problem, with Jeff Dominitz


How Do Right-To-Carry Laws Affect Crime Rates? Coping With Ambiguity Using Bounded-Variation Assumptions, with John Pepper


Optimize, Satisfice, or Choose without Deliberation: A Minimax-Regret Assessment


Clinical Trial Design Enabling ε-optimal Treatment Rules, with Aleksey Tetenov


The Quantile Performance of Statistical Treatment Rules Using Hypothesis Tests to Allocate a Population to Two Treatments, with Aleksey Tetenov


Mandating Vaccination with Unknown Indirect Effects



Links to Books


C. Manski, Public Policy in an Uncertain World: Analysis and Decisions, Harvard University Press, 2013


Link to video recording of public lecture on the book at the British Academy in March 2013, with discussion by Lord Gus O’Donnell


Link to video recording of Sargan Lecture to economists on themes of the book at the Royal Economic Society meeting in April 2013


Link to video recording of Cemmap Masterclass on themes of the book in March 2013  (six 90-minute lectures)


C. Manski, Identification for Prediction and Decision, Harvard University Press, 2007


C. Manski, Social Choice with Partial Knowledge of Treatment Response, Princeton University Press, 2005.


C. Manski, Partial Identification of Probability Distributions, Springer-Verlag, 2003


C. Manski, J. Pepper, and C. Petrie (editors), Informing America's Policy on Illegal Drugs: What We Don't Know Keeps Hurting Us, National Academy Press, 2001 (book can be read online)


B. Fischhoff and C. Manski (editors), Elicitation of Preferences, Kluwer, 2000


C. Manski, Identification Problems in the Social Sciences, Harvard, 1995


C. Manski and I. Garfinkel (editors), Evaluating Welfare and Training Programs, Harvard, 1992


C. Manski, Analog Estimation Methods in Econometrics, Chapman & Hall, 1988

(out-of-print book can be downloaded for private use)


C. Manski and D. Wise College Choice in America, Harvard, 1983


C. Manski and D. McFadden (editors), Structural Analysis of Discrete Data with Econometric Applications, MIT Press, 1981 (out-of-print book can be downloaded for private use)


Samuil Manski, With God’s Help, 1990 (book can be downloaded for private use)





Economics 480-1, Introduction to Econometrics, Fall 2015 (first-year Ph.D. course), past examinations


Economics 481-2, Econometrics, Winter 2016 (Ph.D. field course)



The Survey of Economic Expectations


SEE Introduction


SEE Data and Codebooks