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From Anne Lawrence:

My guess is that all six MtF TS subjects in the Kruijver et al paper, T1 - T6, were *autogynephililic* transsexuals. The possible exception is Subject T4 -- the one about whom the least is known, the one who transitioned youngest (probably), the only one who died from AIDS, and interestingly, the one with the largest (most "masculine") BSTc cell count. Consider the six TS subjects:

T1: began hormones at 42, orchiectomy at 44; called "male-oriented" (but arguably autogynephilic, in view of age);

T2: began hormones at 35, orchiectomy at 37; called "female-oriented" (thus

T3: began hormones at 36, orchiectomy at 39; called "female-oriented" (thus

T4: probably began hormones at 31 or earlier, no orchiectomy by age 36; called "oriented to both males and females" (thus possibly autogynephilic?);

T5: began hormones at 40, orchiectomy at 50; called "female-oriented" (thus

T6: began hormones at 35, orchiectomy at 36; called "male-oriented" (but arguably autogynephilic, in view of age).

Remember that Blanchard et al (1987) found that androphilic TSs presented at an average age of about 26 years, while autogynephilic TSs presented at anaverage age of about 34 years.


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