Research Assistant Professors
Matt Matthew Dietrich
mdietrich (at)

Finished in 2015. Next position: Tenure-track Assistant Physicist at Argonne National Laboratory. (updated 09/2015)

Jacob Jacob Johansen
jacobjjohansen (at)

Finished in 2018. Next position: Research Scientist at Honeywell. (updated 04/2018)

Carrat Vincent Carrat
vincent.carrat (at)

Finished in 2017. Laser Engineer at Lumibird, in Bordeaux, France. (updated 06/2018)

Hadiseh Hadiseh Alaeian
alaeian (at)

Finished in 2017. Next position: Humboldt Fellowship with Tilman Pfau at the Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart. (updated 09/2017)

Joan Marler
jmarler (at)

Finished in 2013. Next position: Assistant Professor of Physics at Clemson University. (updated 07/2015)


Jason Nguyen
jason.nguyen (at)

Finished in 2012. Next position: Postdoc with Randy Hulet at Rice University, working on BEC solitons. (updated 07/2015)

Zeke Shi-Kuang "Zeke" Tung
zekest (at)

Finished in 2012. Next position: Assistant Professor at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan. (updated 08/2016)

Ph.D. Students
Mark Mark Kokish
markkokish (at)

Graduated in 2018. Next position: AMO Scientist at Honeywell. (updated 06/2018)

Chien-Yu Chien-Yu Lien
luciferbreeze (at)

Graduated in 2014. Next position: Intel, Systems Enginneer. (updated 07/2015)

Yen-Wei Yen-Wei Lin
yenwei.lin (at)

Graduated in 2016. Next position: postdoc with Kang-Kuen Ni at Harvard University. (updated 07/2017)


Vaishnavi Rajagopal
rvaishnavi.85 (at)

Graduated in 2014. Next position: postdoc with Alessandra Ferzoco at the Rowland Institute at Harvard University, working on cryogenic chemical reactions of complex molecular ions. (updated 07/2015)

Chris Chris Seck
chris.m.seck (at)

Graduated in 2016. Next position: Research Scientist, Georgia Tech Research Institute. (updated 08/2016)


David Tabor
dtabor3 (at)

Graduated in 2014. Next position: Novantas. (updated 07/2015)

Ming-Feng Ming-Feng Tu
mingfengtu2015 (at)

Transferred in 2016 to Christoph Bostedt's group, to work on x-ray probes of molecules. (updated 06/2016)

Masters Students
Pinrui Pinrui Shen
pinruishen (at)

Finished in 2015. Next position: Ph.D. Student at UBC in group of Kirk Madison. (updated 08/2016)

Marc Bourgeois

Marc Bourgeois
marc.bourgeois77 (at)

Working on a Chemistry PhD at Northwestern University. (updated 06/2014)


Scott Carmichael

Scott Carmichael
ScottCarmichael2018 (at)

Went to the University of Notre Dame to pursue a PhD in Physics. (updated 07/2018)


Xiaowen Chen
xiaowenchen2015 (at)

Went to Princeton to pursue a PhD in Physics. (updated 05/2015)

Greg McGlynn
g-mcglynn (at)

Entered the Physics PhD program at Columbia University. (updated 09/2011)

Irina Patrikeeva
patrikeeva.irina (at)

Transfered to Rice to complete undergraduate degree in Physics. (updated 09/2011)

Lauren Ruth
lcruth222 (at)

Went to Siberia (to make a documentary about mathematicians). Lauren then began work on a Master's in Mathematics from UC Riverside. (updated 08/2012)



Scott Williams
sw.plainview (at)

Went to work for Novantas. (updated 08/2012)

Eugene Wu
EugeneWu2017 (at)

Went to UCLA to pursue a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. (updated 09/2017)


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