SuperCDMS Collaboration


SuperCDMS SNOLAB is developing detectors with much lower thresholds than the previous generation. The lower threshold opens up new avenues for applying SuperCDMS Technology to new physics problems. W want to leverage this detector development from both SuperCDMS and Micro-X and apply it to neutrino physics.

Ricochet could make the first measurements of Coherent Elastic Neutrino Nulceus Scattering (CEνNS). This interaction is well predicted by the standard model, but has never been detected, largely because the signal is a very low-energy recoil of less than 500 eV. With our new detector technology, we should be able to see this signal, and use it as a tool to search for new physics. This is still an R&D program, and we will take small steps toward exciting experiments that this technology enables. Please search for "Ricochet" in this report for what we would like to do next, and this paper for more information on the type of experiment we would eventually like to do.

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