Julia Margaret Moore, PhD

Director of English Language Programs

Through my appointment in The Graduate School, I oversee multiple programs for graduate student English language learners at Northwestern University, including orientation programs, classes, tutoring, speech training software, and proficiency testing. Each summer, I direct the International Summer Institute, an intensive language and acculturation program for new international PhD students at Northwestern. I'm also the faculty instructor for Linguistics 300: Second Language Pedagogy, which prepares PhD students in the Department of Linguistics to teach English to speakers of other languages. I'm a member of the Council on Language Instruction and serve on the advisory board of the MultiMedia Learning Center for Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.


English Language Programs
The International Summer Institute

Research Interests

Second language acquistion
The article system of English
Proper names

Contact Information:

Department of Linguistics, Northwestern University
Telephone: 847.491.5776
Fax: 847.491.3770
Email: jmm "at" northwestern.edu
Address: 2016 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208-4090

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