Secular Dynamics Reading Group

Time: Tuesdays, 11:30am, Location: Dearborn Observatory, Room 23
The idea: Working through Murray and Dermott and some papers over the summer to try to learn as much as we can about secular evolution.

Upcoming Schedule

Date Speaker Topic Remarks
06.29.10 Michael, Brad and Leah Chapter 2 of Murray and Dermott Smadar's notes (pdf)
07.06.10 Sara and Jean Chapters 6 of Murray and Dermott Smadar's notes (pdf), Sara's notes (pdf)
07.13.10 Sara and Jean Chapters 7 of Murray and Dermott Will's notes (pdf), Sara's notes (pdf)
07.20.10 Smadar Kozai, Chapter 9 in Valtonen and Karttunen Smadar's notes (pdf)
07.27.10 Smadar perturbation in hierarchical 3 body system - quadrupole and octupole expansion Ford et al 2000, Harrington 1968 , Harrington 1969 Krymolowski & Mazeh 1999
08.03.10 Will Resonant Relaxation and Wisdom geometrical method for calculating orbital perturbations Rauch & Tremaine 1996
08.10.10 Will Numerical Studies of the Efficiency of Resonant Relaxation Kupi, Eilon, and Alexander
08.17.10 Will, Yoram and Smadar Resonant Relaxation and the Warp of the Stellar Disc in the Galactic Centre. Kocsis and Tremaine.

Recommended Reading Material

1. Solar System Dynamics by Murray and Dermott

2. The Three-Body Problem by Valtonen and Karttunen

3. Fabrycky 2010

4. Ford et al 2000

5. Harrington 1968

6. Harrington 1969

7. Fabrycky and Tremaine 2007

8. Krymolowski & Mazeh 1999