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September 2006

  • A new postdoctoral associate has joined our group: Marc van der Sluys, who's coming from the University of Utrecht and Frank Verbunt's group. Welcome Marc!

  • Two sabbatical visitors have joined our group:
    Alberto Vecchio from U. Birmingham (September 2006 to July 2007)
    Mike Eracleous from Penn State University (September - November 2006)
    Alex Stroeer, a graduate student from U. Birmingham working with A. Vecchio has also joined the group for the coming year. Welcome to all of them!

  • A new paper is submitted to The Astrophysical Journal: “Mapping population synthesis event rates on model parameters II: Convergence and accuracy of multidimensional fits
    R. O'Shaughnessy, V. Kalogera, & K. Belczynski [astro-ph/0609465]

August 2006

  • A new paper is submitted to The Astrophysical Journal: “Theoretical orbital period distributions of cataclysmic variables above the period gap: effects of circumbinary disks”
    B. Willems, R. Taam, U. Kolb, G. Dubus, & E. Sandquist

June 2006

  • Jeff Kaplan is the recipient of the Katherine L. Kriegbaum Scholarship, which comes with a generous grant to support his research in his senior year amd has been accepted into the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. Congratulations!

  • Tassos Fragos gives the talk “Understanding black hole formation and natal kicks: II The case of XTE J1118+480” at the International Astronomy Meeting “The Multicoloured Landscape of Compact Objects and their Explosive Origins”, June 11-24, 2006, Cefalu, Sicily.

May 2006

  • Vicky received news from the Dean of the College that she will be promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in Fall 2006!

  • Vicky Kalogera is quoted in the New York Times regarding our work on expected gravitational-wave detections by LIGO.

April 2006

March 2006

  • Chunglee Kim has been awarded the 2006 Luise Meyer-Schutzmeister Memorial Award by The Association of Women in Science (AWIS) Education Foundation. She is a graduate student in her final year and her dissertation work focuses on Merger Rates of Binary Pulsars. She is expected to graduate in May 2006 and will start her postdoctoral studies at Cornell in summer 2006. Congratulations!

    The Luise Meyer-Schutzmeister Award is given annually to an outstanding woman graduate student in physics. It is awarded for exceptional academic achievement, the importance of the research being addressed, the quality of the research, and the applicant's potential for future contributions to the field of physics. Further information on AWIS and their award program can be found at http://www.awis.org/careers/edfoundation.html#graduate.

  • A new paper is submitted to The Astrophysical Journal: “The Eclipsing ULX in NGC 3379
    G. Fabbiano, D.-W. Kim, T. Fragos, V. Kalogera, A. R. King, L. Angelini, R. L. Davies, J. S. Gallagher, S. Pellegrini, G. Trinchieri, S. E. Zepf, & A. Zezas [astro-ph/0603532]

  • A new paper is submitted to The Astrophysical Journal: “Stellar Remnants in Galactic Nuclei: Mass Segregation
    Freitag M., Amaro-Seoane P., & Kalogera V. [astro-ph/0603280]

  • Richard O'Shaughnessy gives the LIGO Seminar on “Critically assessing Binary Mergers as short hard GRBs”, March 7, 2006, Caltech, Pasadena.

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