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  • Vicky Kalogera was featured in an article titled “10 Rising Stars of Astronomy” written by Daniel Pendick in Astronomy Magazine's August 2008 Issue.

    Also included in the article were: Joshua Bloom at UC Berkeley, Julie Castillo-Rogez at NASA's JPL, Steven Furlanetto at UCLA, Scott Gaudi at Ohio State University, Kelsey Johnson at the University of Virginia, Lisa Kewley at the University of Hawaii, Manoa, Eliot Quataert at UC Berkeley, Alice Shapley at UCLA and Tommaso Treu at UC Santa Barbara.

  • A new paper has been submitted to The Astrophysical Journal Letters "Probing Electron-Capture Supernovae: X-Ray Binaries in Starbursts" by T. Linden, J. F. Sepinsky, V. Kalogera, & K. Belczynski

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  • Tim Linden completed two separate Senior Honors Theses in his two majors: Physics and Astronomy and Integrated Science; both of his theses were selected for the Best Senior Thesis award in each of the majors. Double Congratulations!
    Following graduation from Northwestern Tim will join UC at Santa Cruz for his graduate studies in Physics and Astronomy.

  • A new paper has been submitted to Classical & Quantum Gravity "Parameter Estimation of Spinning Binary Inspirals Using Markov-chain Monte Carlo" by M. v.d. Sluys, V. Raymond, I. Mandel, C. Rover, N. Christensen, V. Kalogera, R. Meyer, & A. Vecchio.

  • Tassos Fragos gave a talk titled "Low-Mass X-Ray Binary Models for Ellipticals NGC3379 and NGC4278" at "The X-ray Universe 2008" Symposium in Granada, Spain on May 29, 2008.

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