November 30, 2007
Park Ridge, IL
Jeremy Sepinsky, Jeff Chilcote and Vicky Kalogera setting up the booth.
Jeremy is ready for any question any child might have.
Eager, young scientists ask questions about the universe.
Jeff assists these budding scientists with some of the interactive materials.
Jeremy explains the life cycle of a star.
The interactive CD's from the Chandra Observatory Center are a hit!
So are the other wonderful materials, like the poster, postcards and coloring books!
Who do you think is more excited about this, the children or Jeremy?
Jeremy explains the different parts of the Chandra Observatory to another eager visitor.
Jeff shows another student the cool activities and videos on the CD's from the Chandra Observatory Center. This young scientist is engrossed!
Jeremy explaining how the "glow-in-the-dark" stars let us see the "invisible" blacklight, and Chandra is a tool that lets us see X-Rays.