SRFI 32 For Bigloo

Will M. Farr
2Obtaining the Library
3Building the Library
4Exported Interface
6Change Log

1 Introduction

SRFI-32 is a withdrawn SRFI for the API of a full-featured sort toolkit. The SRFI was written by Olin Shivers; I have made a few small modifications to wrap the whole thing up as a Bigloo library. Olin requested that the code not be used yet for this sort of thing:

I *do not* recommend taking this code and using it. Wait a few weeks, until the SRFI is finalized; let's avoid having random preliminary copies of the code propagating around the net.
Unfortunately, that was in 2003.

My apologies to Olin, but I needed some sorting functions for a project I was working on, and it seemed crazy not to take this library for what I needed. As long as I was porting the library to Bigloo for my own use, it seemed crazy not to pass it along to the larger community. So, here it is.

2 Obtaining the Library

You can download the source code for the library in srfi-32.tar.gz. See Building the Library for information on how to build it on your system.

3 Building the Library

If you live on a Mac OS X system, the library should build out of the box by unpacking the tarball and issuing the command make. You will then find the library files in the lib directory.

If you don't live on an OS X system, my sympathies. You will have to edit the Makefile to change some settings:

  1. Change the LD variable to something appropriate for making a shared library on your system. (I've heard that ld -r works OK on Linux, for example.)
  2. Change the suffixes associated with the target from dylib to so, or whatever works for your system. (You will have to change four suffixes.)
  3. You might want to check out the compilation flags for Bigloo (BFLAGS and company) and for GCC (CFLAGS and company); these are set the way I personally like them, not the way the default bmake command sets them.

4 Exported Interface

For information on the exported interface, see either the SRFI document or the file srfi-32.txt in the source distribution.

5 License

Olin offered the code under the following license:

Copyright (c) 1998 by Olin Shivers. You may do as you please with this code, as long as you do not delete this notice or hold me responsible for any outcome related to its use.
I doubt that my modifications require a license, but in the event that they do, I offer them under the same license.

6 Change Log

Found a bug in vmsort.scm relating to the vblit command arguments in %vector-merge!; reported to the srfi-32 mailing list.

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