Upcoming Talks & Conferences:

University of Georgia (Athens, Georgia), April 2015

11th Annual Episteme Conference (Phuket, Thailand), June, 2015

Work in Progress:


Living with Doubt: considers problems that arise for fallibilism having to do with epistemic possibility and the relation between knowledge and action; presents new arguments for skepticism; and offers a new perspective on the value of knowledge, the nature of the epistemic goal, and our best prospects for living with ineliminable doubts

Edited Volumes:

Skepticism: From Antiquity to the Present (with Diego Machuca), Bloomsbury: new essays on skepticism, including both historical and contemporary approaches


“Doubt, Wonder, Wisdom” (for Living Scepticism, ed. by Stephen Hetherington and David Macarthur)

“Gettier Cases” (for Oxford Handbooks Online)

“Moorean Handwaving: When Knowledge Isn’t Enough”

“Reasons for Reasons” (for Episteme)

“Practical Interests and Reasons to Believe”


Edited Volumes:


Epistemic Agency (Philosophical Issues 23), Wiley-Blackwell: new essays on epistemic agency, the epistemic goal, value of truth, etc.


Who Knows? Performance Epistemology, ed. by Miguel Ángel Fernández (forthcoming), Oxford University Press.

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