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I have moved to Tufts University. My current webpage can be found here:

My new email address is cynthia DOT kinnan AT tufts DOT edu.




Kinship and Financial Networks, Formal Financial Access and Risk Reduction, with Robert Townsend. American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 102(2), May 2012.

The miracle of microfinance? Evidence from a randomized evaluation, with Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Rachel Glennerster. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 7(1): 22-53, January 2015.
Data and online appendix

Social Networks as Contract Enforcement: Evidence from a lab experiment in the field, with Arun Chandrasekhar and Horacio Larreguy, 2017. Accepted, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Access to Migration for Rural Households, with Shing-Yi Wang and Yongxiang Wang, 2017. Accepted, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics.

Impact of family planning and business trainings on private sector health providers in Nigeria, with J. Ugaz, A. Leegwater, M. Chatterji, D. Johnson, S. Baruwa and M. Toriola. International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 43(2) June 2017.

Working Papers:

Measuring the equilibrium impacts of credit: Evidence from the Indian microfinance crisis, with Emily Breza, 2018.

Distinguishing barriers to insurance in Thai villages, 2017.

Do credit constraints limit entrepreneurship? Heterogeneity in the returns to microfinance, with Abhijit Banerjee, Emily Breza and Esther Duflo, 2015.

Work in Progress:

The value of health insurance: A field experiment in India, with Gabriella Conti, Kosuke Imai, Anup Malani and Alessandra Voena

Microfinance as commitment savings: Evidence from the AP crisis aftermath, with Abhijit Banerjee, Emily Breza, Esther Duflo and K. B. Prathap

The effect of mobile money on adoptersí social networks, with Alfredo Burlando and Silvia Prina

Information, networks and informal insurance: Evidence from a lab experiment in the field, with Arun Chandrasekhar and Horacio Larreguy
This version: August 2011

Village networks: Theory and evidence from Thailand, with Krislert Samphantharak, Robert Townsend and Diego Vera Cossio



Econ 326: Economics of Developing Countries (Spring)

Econ 425-3: Theory of Economic Development (Spring)

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