Emily Cibelli

Postdoctoral research associate
Department of Linguistics
Northwestern University

I was born and raised in a small New Jersey town (exit 151), a location which provided me with a great view of the Manhattan skyline, a rich inventory of American English vowels, and approximately 3.8 pizzerias per square mile. After distinguishing myself through hardy athletic pursuits and participating in musical groups that expanded my cultural horizons, I finished high school and left the Garden State for college.

While at Wellesley College, I studied cognitive and linguistic sciences, and was fortunate enough to pursue research in the field with faculty both on and and off-campus. I also spent a fair amount of time around the observatory pretending to be an astronomer. In my spare time, I danced in ballroom competitions, mentored first years, played the carillon, and found myself in tunnels of both the steam and scream varieties.

In my junior year, I spent the spring studying at Galway, where I got to walk past ruins of medieval castles on my morning commute and adventure off to the rest of Europe on weekends.

After graduating from Wellesley, I bid the East Coast a bittersweet farewell and moved out to California for grad school. After 6 years, I finally got used to nearly-seasonless mild weather (once described to me as a "sabbatical from reality"), the sight of palm trees, and more kinds of produce than I knew existed. When I wasn't in the lab, you could sometimes find me playing frisbee with my fellow Berkeley linguists (go Huckin' Wugs!)

Now I've landed in Chicago, where I once again own a proper coat and boots. In my spare time, I enjoy picking fights about "proper" pizza and professing an unironic love for the CTA.

If you catch me doodling, don't worry - it's a good thing. And one last tidbit: my favorite poem.

The places I've called home. From left: Nutley, NJ; Wellesley College, MA; Galway, Ireland; Berkeley, CA; Chicago, IL

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