Emily Cibelli

Postdoctoral research associate
Department of Linguistics
Northwestern University

For cognitive science students
From September 2015-2017 I was the undergraduate advisor for cognitive science majors and minors. I am no longer in this role. Students interested in cognitive science can contact the department staff at this link.
Syllabi from past courses
Linguistics 321: Bilingualism (Northwestern University, Spring 2016 & 2017)
Linguistics 250: Sound Patterns in Human Language (Northwestern University, Winter 2016 & 2017)
Linguistics/Cognitive Science C147: Language Disorders (UC Berkeley, Summer 2015)
Linguistics C146/Psychology C143: Language Acquisition (UC Berkeley, Summer 2014)

Resources for intro phonetics students
A great list of resources, compiled by Jennifer Smith

Sound files for Peter Ladefoged's A Course in Phonetics (5th edition)

IPA Character Picker (for single-character insertion)
IPA fonts
Sporcle IPA quizzes

Download Praat (and find the official manual)
A short introductory Praat tutorial from Pascal van Lieshout
Praat manuals developed by users
Sidney Wood's guide - very comprehensive and well-organized

WaveSurfer - an alternative to Praat
Download WaveSurfer (and find the official manual)
Basic WaveSurfer tips from Bruce Hayes
WaveSurfer guide by Kyoko Nagao

Practice and tips for reading spectrograms
Rob Hagiwara's tips and mystery spectrograms
A good list of spectral cues for English
Single words and spectrograms - Good for comparing minimal pairs

MRIs and ultrasound movies of the sounds of the world (from the University of Glasgow)

Samples of English accents/dialects around the world:
The Speech Accent Archive
International Dialects of English Archive
Voices of Berkeley


Me as my favorite animal, teaching neurolinguistics.
My artist: Randy O'Connor