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Ian Hurd is a scholar of the politics of international law at Northwestern University. He examines the politics of legality and illegality in international affairs as a matter of history, politics, and public policy. A leading scholar of IR theory, he is the Director of the International Studies Program at Northwestern. He recently completed a project on UN accountability for cholera in Haiti with Mara Pillinger and Michael Barnett. Upcoming work is on the politics of the international rule of law, the interdisciplinary history/law/politics of global governance, and the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of International Organizations.

Recent writing:

How to Get Away with Cholera, with Mara Pillinger and Michael Barnett in Perspectives on Politics 2016http://www.politicalsciencenow.com/how-to-get-away-with-cholera-the-un-haiti-and-international-law/
Enchanted and Disenchanted International Law, in Global Policy 2016Home_files/hurd+enchanted+disenchanted.pdf
The Permissive Power of the Ban on War, in Euro J. of Intl Security 2016Home_files/hurd%20ban%20on%20war.pdf