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Ian Hurd is a scholar of international relations at Northwestern University at the intersection of international politics and international law. His new work is on the politics of global legalization as theory and practice, and including projects on the international rule of law, legal accountability in IOs, and the politics of the legal vacuum, among others. A leading scholar of IR theory, he is the Director of the International Studies Program at Northwestern and leads the working group on International Law and International Organizations. In 2016-17 he is a visiting scholar at the American Bar Foundation.

Recent work

How to Do Things With International Law, a book on the politics of the international rule of law (Princeton 2017 forthcoming) TofC

The Oxford Handbook of International Organizations Jacob Katz Cogan Ian Hurd and Ian Johnstone eds (2016) here

International Organizations: Politics, Law, Practice (Cambridge, 3rd ed. 2017 forthcoming) here

“The UN Security Council,” forthcoming in Oxford Handbook of International Security 2017

“The Permissive Power of the Ban on War,” European Journal of International Security 2017 here

“How to Get Away With Cholera: The UN, Haiti, and International Law,” Perspectives on Politics, 2016 here

“Enchanted and Disenchanted International Law,” Global Policy 2016 here

Recent & upcoming events

Global Order - Same as it Ever Was? conference by Northwestern IO/IL on history and politics of international law, Chicago June 2nd Call for Papers

Is Human Rights Dead? Ian Hurd and Eric Posner at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs Feb 15 2017 here

Launch party for the Oxford Handbook of International Organizations, NY March 10 2017 book

Beyond Deterrence: New Approaches to Global Nuclear Politics workshop at Northwestern IO/IL April 7 2017

Beatrice Lindstrom on UN legal obligations to Haiti, Feb 2 at NU Law - Center for Intl Human Rights here

2016 annual Graduate Student conference on the history, law, and politics of intl orgs and intl law by Northwestern IO/IL program

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