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Rosson House
Phoenix, AZ
Brick Queen Anne
This house was built by Dr. Roland Rosson, at a time when Phoenix was still little more than a small town. It is a house museum today.

Hambley House
Nobleton, Ontario
Brick Queen Anne
This nice photo of a multi-colored brick Queen Anne was sent to me by a reader. It is now a real estate office.

Maxwell House
Georgetown, CO
Second Empire-Queen Anne
This house was built in the late 1860's then heavily renovated into its current form in 1890. It was purchased in 1893 by mining engineer Frank Maxwell, who lived there until 1943. The house is still a private residence.

Terrace Hill
Des Moines, IA
Second Empire
This icon of the Des Moines skyline was constructed by Iowa's first millionaire, Benjamin Allen, then purchased by railroad tycoon Frederick Hubbell in 1884. Hubbell's descendants donated the house to the state in 1971. The governor of Iowa now occupies the third floor; the first and second floors are used for public functions and as a museum.

Kirby House
Abilene, KS
Second Empire
Thomas Kirby founded a bank in Abilene in 1878, and built this home for his wife and daughter in 1885. The house is now a restaurant.

Doullut House
New Orleans, LA
Steamboat Gothic
This house, built to resemble the steamboats on which Milton Doullut was a pilot, is actually one of a pair of identical houses built by the Doullut family. The Doullut family still occupies both houses.

Castle Mac-O-Chee
West Liberty, OH
Flemish Revival
This castle was built by Union Colonel Donn Piatt from limestone quarried on his own property. His brother, Union General Abram Piatt, also built a limestone castle in the same county - and named it Mac-A-Cheek. Both castles are still owned by the Piatt family, and are open to the public.

Temple House
Portland, Oregon
ca 1885
Romanesque Revival
This house is mislabelled on the Corel CD as the Long-Waterman House in San Diego (which is really house CA22). This error has been propagated through dozens of web sites and at least one glossy photo book. It is actually the William Temple House in Portland, Oregon, and is today used by the Oregon Episcopal Diocese to provide free family services to the community.

Queen Anne House
Houston Heights, TX
ca 1890
Queen Anne
This beautifully bucolic photograph was sent to me by a reader. I don't know anything more about the house.

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