Economics 311, Spring, 2000

Textbook: Olivier Blanchard, Macroeconomics, 2nd edition.


Homeworks and Answers.

Figure for April 4 lecture.

Distribution of Grades for first midterm.

Figures for April 25 lecture.

Figures for May 8 lecture.

Figures for May 16 lecture.

Material on 2nd Midterm. The material is cumulative, so review everything back to the first day! You should focus primarily on the material covered in lecture, using the book as backup. Material to be covered in the book is as indicated on the syllabus. About Chapter 22 we only discussed section 22.1. Also, we did not discuss the effects of expected deflation on the IS-LM model, and so you are not expected to be familiar with that. About Chapter 25 we only did section 25.1.

Material for final. The final is cumulative, so you will be expected to be familiar with the material covered by the second midterm. I covered chapters 22, 25, 18, 19, 20, 21, 10, 11. Of these, chapter 21 is not on the syllabus, but it was covered anyway. Also, chapter 24.2 is on the syllabus, but I never got to it so it won't be covered. I covered the basic ideas about technical change that appear in Chapter 12. However, I did not go into the same level of detail, and I didn't touch population growth at all. You won't be required to understand technical change in the way that it is covered in that chapter. As before, you should concentrate on the material in the lectures first.

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