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Michael D. Whinston
Robert E. and Emily H. King Professor of Business Institutions
Co-director of the Center for the Study of Industrial Organization

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Mailing address:
Department of Economics
Northwestern University
2001 Sheridan Road
Evanston, Illinois 60208, USA

My office is Room 3230 in Arthur Andersen Hall

Telephone: 847-491-8260
Facsimile: 847-491-7001



Book cover

Microeconomics is a new undergraduate intermediate microeconomics textbook by B. Douglas Bernheim and Michael D. Whinston.  The text takes a new approach to the intermediate microeconomics course, including both exciting recent developments (game theory, information economics, behavioral economics) and an up-to-date approach to traditional material.  The book emphasizes relevance by explaining why it matters when introducing a topic and by providing numerous real-world applications that focus directly on the key concepts in the theory.  It also offers an innovative approach to quantitative problem-solving that allows students to solve a wide variety of quantitative problems (including utility-maximization and cost-minimization problems, saving-consumption problems, and oligopoly games) in non-calculus and intuitively-oriented calculus courses.  To go directly to the book’s page at the McGraw-Hill website, click here.

Book coverLectures on Antitrust Economics is available from The MIT Press. Clicking on the graphic to the left will take you directly to the book's home page at the MIT Press's web site.

Book coverMicroeconomic Theory, a textbook by A. Mas-Colell, M.D. Whinston, and J.R. Green, is available from the Oxford University Press. Instructors can also get the accompanying exercise solutions manual, by C. Hara, I. Segal, and S. Tadelis. Comments and corrections are greatly appreciated, please send them to me (please do not expect a response back, but this indicates no lack of thanks!). Clicking on the graphic to the left will take you directly to the book's home page at Oxford UP's web site.


  • 310-1 Undergraduate Intermediate Microeconomics
  • 410-3 Graduate Microeconomics
  • 414-2 Contract Theory
  • 450-1/450-3 Graduate Industrial Organization

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