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Northwestern Magazine  
Science News 2019  
Al Jazeera America (3-min version/broken)     full version (m4v) full version (mov)
Chicago Tribune    BBC World Service News Hour
BBC Today (at 2:45-2:50)    LA Times    NY Times
Australian Broadcasting Corp    Daily Mail
BBC News    The Guardian    CBS News
Eureka Alert (Press Release)
Aon article based on my work
The Conversation   
NU feature: "Scoring points in the lab and on the field"     WBEZ news feature by Greta Johnson
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Memory reactivation: WTTW's Chicago Tonight 2012    NSF Science Nation (video)    Discover D-Brief   
Curing spider-phobia: SciAm    Chicago Tribune    Fox News   
Childhood amnesia: WBEZ Clever Apes Radio segment   
Intuition: Chicago Tribune    
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