Pamela Bannos

Pamela Bannos

The exhibition, "Imaging and Imagining Space: A Collaboration Between Art and Science" was funded by a grant from Northwestern University's Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts. My collaborator was Farhad Zadeh, a radio astronomer and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Northwestern. The exhibition was presented by the Block Museum of Art and was on display from January 11 - February 18, 2001.

These are samples of some digital video works and animations from the exhibition:

The original website from this exhibition can be seen by clicking here.

The following images were produced after the exhibition.

Please click on the image for an enlarged version.


(amoeba nebula)

(egg nebula)


(gelatin nebula)


(comet 2nd view)



(distant cluster)

(double cluster)

(rising galaxy)

(open cluster)

(elephant nebula)


These images represent 16" x 20" selenium toned silver prints, 2001.

All works © Pamela Bannos 2001-2018