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Sergio Urzúa

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Mailing address:
Department of Economics
Northwestern University
2001 Sheridan Road
Evanston, Illinois 60208, USA

My office is Room 3225 in Arthur Andersen Hall

Telephone: 847-491-8213
Facsimile: 847-491-7001




[1] Testing the Correlated Random Coefficient Model (with J. Heckman and D. Schmierer). Forthcoming, Journal of Econometrics, 2010.

[2] Instrumental Variables in Models with Multiple Outcomes: The General Unordered Case (with J. Heckman and E. Vytlacil). Forthcoming, Les Annales d’Economie et de Statistique, 2009.

[3] Comparing IV With Structural Models: What Simple IV Can and Cannot Identify (with J. Heckman). Forthcoming Journal of Econometrics, 2009.

[4] Occupational Choice with Financial Intermediation: Linking Mechanism Design with Heterogeneity to Econometric Policy Evaluation (with R. Townsend). Macroeconomic Dynamics, 13, 268-316, 2009.

[5] Racial Labor Market Gaps: The Role of Abilities and Schooling Choices. Journal of Human Resources, Vol. 43(4): pp. 919-971, 2008.

[6] The use of instrumental variables in the presence of heterogeneity and self-selection: an application in breast cancer patients (2007) (with A. Basu, J. Heckman and S. Navarro). Health Economics 16(11):1133-1157, 2007.

[7] Understanding instrumental Variables in Models with Essential Heterogeneity (with J. Heckman and E. Vytlacil). Review of Economics and Statistics, v88, n3, 2006.

[8] The effect of cognitive and Non-cognitive factors in behavioral and labor outcomes (with J. Heckman and J. Stixrud). Journal of Labor Economics, v24, n3, 2006.

Book Chapters

[1] Family and Abilities as determinants of socio-economic success (Familias y habilidades como determinantes de logros economics y sociales) with S. Urzua, in Familia y Felicidad: Un Circulo Virtuoso, C. Larroulet and R. Camhi, eds. Santiago, Chile: Libertad y Desarrollo.

[2] Ability, Schooling Choices and Gender Labor Market Discrimination: Evidence for Chile. Chapter prepared for IADB.

[3] Institutions and Their Effects on Education: Revising the Chilean Experience. Chapter prepared for UDD.

Working Papers

[1] The Option Value of Educational Choices and the Rate of Return to Educacional Choices (with J. Heckman )

[2] Understanding the Effect of Education on Labor Market Outcomes and Health (with G. Veramendi)

[3] Determinants of Success in Early Adulthood: Comparing the Effects of Intelligence and Big Five Personality Trait (with A. Duckworth and J. Heckman)

[4] Birth Order, Education, and Family Size (with J. Bagger, J. Birchenall, H. Mansourz)

[5] The Effects of Early Endowments on Labor Market Outcomes, Health, and Social Behavior (with J. Heckman and G. Conti)

[6] Cognitive and Non-cognitive Development Among Young Children in Chile: Effect of Participation in Public Childcare Centers (with G. Noboa-Hidalgo)

[7] Disentangling the Role of Nature and Nurture when Explaining Inequality (with J. Guzman). Paper prepared for the PNUD.

[8] Peer effects, Gender Composition and the Role Model Hypothesis: Evidence from Primary Schools in Chile (with B. Zafar).

[9] Identifying Labor Market Discrimination using an Experimental Design (with D. Bravo and C. Sanhueza)


This quarter (Fall 2009): Economics of the Labor Market [Syllabus]

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