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tyler kendall, phd

t-kendall [at] northwestern [dot] edu
Tyler is now in the Linguistics Department at the University of Oregon.

Please visit his new website at: http://uoregon.edu/~tsk/. You should be automatically directed there in a sec...
Northwestern University
Post-Doctoral Researcher & Lecturer,
Linguistics Department

* Linguistics Department
* Speech Communication Research Lab
* Online Speech/Corpora Archive and Analysis Resource (OSCAAR)
Linguistics Dept.
Northwestern University
Room 305
2016 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208

NC State University
Research Affiliate,
English Department

* North Carolina Language and Life Project (NCLLP)
* Sociolinguistic Archive and Analysis Project (SLAAP)

research interests

(variationist) sociolinguistics | sociophonetics | corpus and computational linguistics | forensic linguistics (phonetics and discourse analysis) | digital humanities

select publications & papers


fall 2010

Sociolinguistics (University of Oregon; Ling 390)


Sound Patterns in Human Language (Northwestern Univ. Winter 2010) | Applications in Corpus and Computational Linguistics (Duke Univ. Spring 2008) | Introduction to Linguistics (NC State Univ. Spring 2007; Duke Univ. Fall 2006) | Variety in Language (Duke Univ. Spring 2006) | Continuing Old English (Duke Univ. Spring 2005)

linguistic software

May 2010, Tyler Kendall
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