Victor Shih

Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science
Northwestern University
601 University Place, Room 206
Evanston, IL 60208

phone: +1.847.491.6712
email: vshih AT



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Recent Papers

“When the Autocrat Gives: Determinants of Fiscal Transfers in Authoritarian China” with Qi Zhang and Mingxing Liu. Download PDF.


Forthcoming. “The Central Committee Past and Present: A Method of Quantifying Elite Biographies” with Wei Shan, Mingxing Liu in Mary Gallagher, Melanie Manion, and Alan Carlson (ed.) Chinese Politics: New Methods, Sources and Field Strategies. Download PDF.


2008. “Nauseating” Displays of Loyalty: Monitoring Factional Bargains through Ideological Campaigns in ChinaJournal of Politics. 70 (4). Download PDF.


2007. "Who receives subsidies: a look at the county level in two time periods" with Qi Zhang in Vivienne Shue and Christine Wong (eds). Paying for Progress in China. London: Routledge. Download PDF

2007. "Comparing the performance of Chinese banks: a principal component approach" with Qi Zhang and Mingxing Liu. China Economic Review, 18(1). Download PDF

2007. "Partial Reform Equilibrium, Chinese Style: Political Incentives and Reform Stagnation in Chinese Financial Policies." Comparative Political Studies. Download PDF

2005. "Elite Decision-Making in China's Financial Sector: A Quasi-Market Analysis." Presentation at the Centre D'Etudes Prospectives et D'Informations Internationales (CEPII) "System Financier Chinois" Conference, Paris, France 9/19/2005. Download PDF




Provincial Panel on Factional Ties: 1978-2006 (Stata dta format)
Documentation for Provincial Panel on Factional Ties: 1978-2006

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