I have been fortunate to be involved in a few papers that received attention from the national and international press. I've listed below some of the higher impact websites featuring stories about our papers. It's very rewarding to see our work gaining public appeal, and of course it's fun to read about ourselves in the press! The most exciting experience was my recent live interview on NPR's Science Friday with Ira Flatow.

For Geller, A. M. & Mathieu, R. D. 2011, Nature, 487, 356

MSNBC: "Vampire stars mystery may have been solved"
CNN: "Why these blue stars should(n't) exist"
NPR: "Did Giant Stars Feed Blue Stragglers?"
Discovery: "Catching Up with the Blue Stragglers" "How Mysterious Vampire Stars Drain Life from Neighbors"
Astronomy Magazine: "Blue stragglers: Astronomers discover how mysterious stars stay so young"
Sky & Telescope Magazine: "'Blue Stragglers' Renewed by Stealing"
Cosmos Magazine: "Stars that shouldn't exist explained"
UPI: "Mystery of age-defying blue stars solved"
Northwestern News: "Astronomers Explain 'Blue Stragglers"'
La Repubblica (Italy): "Mistero "vagabonde blu" enigmatiche stelle bambine"
Media INAF (Italy): "Stelle che sembrano più giovani"
Teleskopy (Poland): "Astronomowie odkrywają sekret młodości błękitnych maruderów"
SINC (Spain): "Las estrellas rezagadas azules reciben la masa de las compañeras"

For Mathieu, R. D. & Geller, A. M. 2009, Nature, 462, 1032

University of Wisconsin News: "Stellar mosh pit, complete with crashing stars, resolves a mystery"
Science Magazine: "How Some Stars Stay Young"
Astronomy Magazine: "Stellar mosh pit resolves a mystery"
USC (Ukraine): "Youthful Appearance of Stars Known as Blue Stragglers Explained"

For Stassun, K. G., Mathieu, R. D., Cargile, P. A., Aarnio, A. N., Stempels, E. & Geller, A. M. 2008, Nature, 453, 1079

ABC: "Orion twins show not all are identical"
Fox: "Twin Stars Born 500,000 Years Apart"
Discovery: "Orion's Twin Stars Have Their Differences"
USA Today: "Identical twin stars are a lesson in birth order"
Science Magazine: "Twin Stars Not So Identical"
UPI: "Binary stars might not form simultaneously"