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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know how to create web pages. Does Weinberg have resources to help get started?

WeinbergIT offers templates for faculty members to simplify web site creation. These templates and instructions were created to make building web sites easy for people comfortable with or willing to learn web publishing tools but WeinbergIT cannot support faculty member on an individual basis.

Dreamweaver training is offered through HR Training and Development.

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Should I order Dreamweaver?

No, you shouldn't have to (unless you manage additional sites, contact web@wcas.northwestern.edu). The College is exploring new license models to make web editing tools available on all computers.

How should I create/update my site in the meantime?

If you'd like to create your new site before the new system is in place, we recommend using a campus computer lab or find a colleague with Dreamweaver already installed. We have a list of labs with Dreamweaver.

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What will my URL be?

Your URL will be http://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~netid (where "netid" is your NetID). Until you post your pages, you will receive a forbidden error when you look at it in the browser.

Your home page should be saved as "index.html" (or index.htm). When a URL doesn't end with a filename (something.html), the server assumes the URL is a folder (in this case the public_html directory of your account) and uses the index.html (or .htm) page.

If you do not use index.html and instead save your home page as "home.html" you will continue to receive the forbidden error when accessing the above URL and will instead have to direct your users to http://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~netid/home.html (or whatever file name you chose). Using index.html is strongly encouraged to keep URLs as simple as possible.

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Why do I receive a "Forbidden" error: "You don't have permission to access /~netid/ on this server"

You have to create your web pages in a program like Dreamweaver and post/upload them before you'll be able to see anything in a web browser. You should name at least one page, preferably the home page, index.html (see What will my URL be).

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Fetch never connects to my site (Macintosh). What's wrong?

Be sure the "Connect using" menu is set to "SFTP" (screenshot).

I know someone who can help with my site. Can I give them access to my account?


Sharing your NetID password with anyone (even an employee) is a violation of NUIT policy.

You can have someone create a page for you and then give you the page to post or walk your through the posting process. No one should be given unsupervised access to your account.

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Will my pages be searchable?

Your pages will be searchable by Google and other internet search engines. Before your page can appear in search results, another page must link to it so Google, et al can "find" your new page. This will most likely be your department's web site. Contact your site maintainer for assistance.

Your pages will not appear in the Northwestern Search results. This is a University policy to keep personal pages separate from official documents.

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Can I install software?


To maintain overall server performance and security, no server-side technologies (PHP, ASP, databases) or applications are supported.

Contact web@wcas.northwestern.edu with specific software questions. Other options may be available depending on the need or demand for a particular service.

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