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Computer Labs with Dreamweaver

This is an incomplete list. If you know an additional lab with Dreamweaver, contact web@wcas.northwestern.edu. Lab staff may be able to answer general question but cannot provide support building your web site.

Library Mac/PC Classroom

Rm B182, Lower Level, University Library (1970 Campus Drive)

[map | floor plan | lab info]

Tech PC Classroom

Rm MG51, Ground Floor, Technological Institute (2145 Sheridan Road)

[map | floor plan | lab info]

MMLC Faculty Development Studio ("FacDev")

Accessible through Room 1-347, First Floor, Kresge (1880 Campus Drive)

FacDev is a multi-use space so reservations are necessary. Contact the Multimedia Learning Center <mmlc@northwestern.edu> to arrange access.

[map | lab info]