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Secure File Transfer Client

SSH Secure File Transfer Client can be used to upload files to your web space. You still have to create pages in Dreamweaver or another web authoring tool. If you're unfamiliar with creating web pages, see our FAQ "I don't know how to create web pages."

  1. Download and install the Windows SSH 3 Client Binary (follow the instructions on NUIT's site to install).
  2. Launch the Secure File Transfer Client by going to the Start menu, Programs, SSH Secure Shell, Secure File Transfer Client

  3. Under the File menu, choose Quick Connect...

  4. In the Connect to Remote Host window:
    • In Host Name enter "faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu" (no quotes)
    • In User Name enter your NetID
    • Click the Connect button

  5. In the Enter Authentication Response window, enter your NetID password and click OK

  6. In the second Enter Authentication Response window, click OK

You are now connected to your Individual Page Server account. Find web files on your computer in the left-hand panel and drag them to the public_html directory on the right-hand panel.

If you have any questions, contact web@wcas.northwestern.edu.