Northwestern University

Department of History

History 337, Winter 2000, Professor Mokyr

List of books for review papers


Note: Each student will be required to choose one book from the list below or a comparable book dealing with some aspect of European History 1815-1945 to be approved by the instructor. The paper should be centered on one specific book and have the general character of a review essay, that is a critical survey of the book in its wider context.

Requirements for the paper.

  1. The deadline for the paper is the first Monday of Reading Week -- no exceptions.
  2. The papers should be 10-15 pp long, double spaced.
  3. Footnotes should be used throughout the paper for all direct quotes, facts etc.
  4. They should focus on the book chosen, outline the historical background and problem, provide a description of what the book is trying to achieve, the sources and methodology employed and so on.
  5. They should also contain a critical assessment of the book, an evaluation of its quality as history, the persuasiveness of its main arguments and conclusions.
  6. Further details on the paper will be provided in the lectures.

Afulhon, Maurice. The Republican Experiment, 1848-1852.

Ash, Timothy Garton, In Europe’s Name: Germany and the Divided Continent.

Beckett, J.C. The Making of Modern Ireland

Bew, Paul. Land and the national question in Ireland, 1858-82

Blackbourn, David. The Long 19th Century: A History of Germany 1780-1914

Blackbourn, David and Geoff Eley, The Peculiarities of German History.

Robert Blake, Disraeli and Gladstone.

Briggs, Asa. Victorian Cities.

Briggs, Asa. The Age of Improvement.

Brock, Michael. Great Reform Act.

Browning, Christopher. Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the final solution in Poland.

Bullock, Alan. Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives.

Burrin, Philippe. France Under the Germans : Collaboration and Compromise.

Bull, Philip. Land, Politics and Nationalism: A Study of the Irish Land Question

Cannadine, David. The Decline and Fall of the British Aristocracy.

Chapman, Guy. The Dreyfus Affair.

Chapman, Guy. The Third Republic of France.

Cohen, Steven. Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Conquest, Robert. The Harvest of Sorrow : Soviet Collectivization and the Terror-Famine.

Conquest, Robert. The Great Terror : A Reassessment.

Conquest, Robert Stalin: Breaker of Nations.

Craig, Gordon. The Triumph of Liberalism

Craig, Gordon A. The Diplomats 1919-1939

Crankshaw, Edward. Bismarck

Davidoff, Lenore and Catherine Hall, Family Fortunes: Men and Women of the English Middle Class.

Dawidowicz, Lucy. The War against the Jews.

Deak, Istvan, The Lawful Revolution: Louis Kossuth and the Hungarians.

Dwork, Deborah and J. Van Pelt, Auschwitz: 1270-Present

Ferguson, Niall. The House of Rothschild: Money's Prophets 1798-1848

Ferguson, Niall. The House of Rothschild : The World's Banker, 1849-1999

Fest, Joachim C. Hitler.

Field, Daniel. The End of Serfdom.

Figes, Orlando A People's Tragedy : The Russian Revolution : 1891-1924

Fitzpatrick, Sheila, The Russian Revolution, 1917-32

Fitzpatrick, Sheila, Stalin's Peasants.

Friedrich, Otto, Before the Deluge: A Portrait of Berlin in the 1920s.

Fritzsche, Peter. Germans into Nazis.

Fussell, Paul. The Great War and Modern Memory.

Gay, Peter My German Question : Growing Up in Nazi Berlin.

Hamerow, Restoration, Revolution and Reaction: Economics and Politics in Germany, 1815-71.

Headrick, Daniel. The Tools of Empire

Hobsbawm, E.J. The Age of Capital, 1848-75.

Hobsbawm, E.J. The Age of Empire.

Hobsbawm, Eric J. and George Rudé, Captain Swing.

Hoppen, Theodore. Ireland since 1800.

Hoppen, Theodore. The Mid-Victorian Generation, 1846-86.

Howard, Michael. The Franco-Prussian War.

Jansen, William The Lions of July: Prelude to War, 1914

Jelavich, Barbara, Modern Austria

Joll, James. Origins of the First World War.

Jones, Gareth Stedman. Outcast London: A Study in the Relations Between Classes.

Jordan, David P. Transforming Paris: The Life and Labors of Baron Haussman.

Joyce, Patrick, Visions of the People: Industrial England and the Question of Class.

Keegan, John. The 2nd World War.

Keiger, John V. France and the Origins of the First World War.

Kennan, George. The Fateful Alliance.

Lee, Joseph. Ireland 1912-1985.

Lukacs, John, Budapest 1900.

Lukacs, John. The Hitler of History

Macartney, C. A. The Habsburg Empire, 1790-1918.

Maier, Charles. Recasting Bourgeois Europe.

Marcus, Steven. Engels, Manchester, and the Working Class.

Massie, Robert K. Dreadnought : Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War

Mommsen, Hans, The Rise and Fall of Weimar Democracy

Morris, R.J. Class Sect, and Party

Nord, Philip. The Republican Moment: Struggles for Democracy in Nineteenth century France.

O'Connor, Ulick. Michael Collins and the Troubles : The Struggle for Irish Freedom 1912-1922.

Offer, Avner. The First World War: an Agrarian Interpretation.

Overy, Richard. Why the Allies Won.

Overy Richard. Russia's War

Palmer, Alan W. Metternich.

Parry, J.P. The Rise and Fall of Liberal Government in Victorian Britain.

Paxton, Robert, Vichy France.

Perkin, Harold. The Rise of Professional Society

Peukert, Detlev The Weimar Republic.

Perrot, Michelle. Workers on Strike: France, 1871-1890.

Pflanze Otto, Bismarck and the Development of Germany: The Period of Unification, 1815-1871.

Pilbeam, Pamela. The Middle Classes in Europe, 1789-1914.

Pinckney, David. The French Revolution of 1830.

Pinckney, David. Napoleon III and the Rebuilding of Paris

Pipes, Richard. The Foundation of the Soviet Union

Pipes, Richard. A Concise History of the Russian Revolution

Pipes, Richard. Russia under the Bolshevik Regime.

Plessis, Alain. The Rise and Fall of the second Empire

Polan, A.J. Lenin and the End of Politics.

Pugh, Martin. The Making of Modern British Politics.

Radzinsky, Edvard. Stalin : The First In-Depth Biography Based on Explosive New Documents from Russia's Secret Archives

Redlich Fritz, Hitler : Diagnosis of a Destructive Prophet

Reid, Donald. Paris Sewers and Sewermen.

Robb, George. White Collar Crime in Modern England.

Rosenbaum, Ron. Explaining Hitler.

Salvatorelli, Luigi. The Risorgimento.

Scally, Robert James. The End of Hidden Ireland : Rebellion, Famine, and Emigration.

Schorske, Carl E. Fin de Siècle Vienna: Politics and Culture

Service, Robert. A History of Twentieth-Century Russia

Sewell, William. Work and Revolution in France.

Sharp, Alan. The Versailles Settlement.

Sked, Alan. The Decline and Fall of the Habsburg Empire.

Smith, Denis Mack. Cavour.

Smith, Denus Mack. Cavour and Garibaldi.

Smith, Denis Mack. Modern Italy.

Smith, Denis Mack. Mussolini: A Biography.

Snell, John L. The Democratic Movement in Germany

Sperber, Jonathan. The European Revolutions, 1848-51.

Stern, Fritz. Gold and Iron.

Stone, Norman. Europe Transformed, 1878-1919.

Sternhell, Zeev. The Birth of a Fascist Ideology.

Taylor, A. J. P. From the Boer War to the Cold War; Essays on Twentieth-Century Europe

Taylor, A. J. P. Origins of the Second World War.

Taylor, A.J.P. Bismarck, the Man and the Statesman

Taylor, A.J.P. Struggle for Mastery in Europe 1848-1918.

Thane, Pat. The Foundation of the Welfare State.

Thompson, F.M.L. The Rise of Respectable Society, 1830-1900.

Trachtenberg, Mark. Reparations and World Politics.

Trebilcock, Clive. The Industrialization of the Continental Powers.

Tuchman, Barbara, The Proud Tower: Portrait of the World before the War.

Tuchman, Barbara. The Zimmermann Telegram.

Tucker, Robert C. Stalin in Power.

Tucker, Spencer C. The Great War, 1914-18.

Turner, Henry. German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler.

Ulam, Adam B. Stalin: The Man and His Era.

Volkogonov, Dmitri. Lenin : A New Biography

Von Laue, Theodore. Why Lenin? Why Stalin?

Waller, P.J. Town, City, and Nation: England, 1850-1914.

Weber, Eugen. Peasants into Frenchmen.

Weber, Eugen. France: the Hollow Years.

Wehler Hans-Ulrich, The German Empire, 1871-1918.

Wiener, Martin J. English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit.

Williamson, D. G. Bismarck and Germany 1862-1890

Winter, J.M. The Great War and the British People.

Winter, Jay Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning : The Great War in European Cultural History

Woodham Smith, Cecil. The Great Hunger.

Zeldin, Theodore. The Political System of Napoleon III.

Zelnick, Reginald. Labor and Society in Tsarist Russia