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Macro Reading Group: Fall 2015

This is the home page for the Macro Reading Group at Northwestern. The highlighted papers are available online.

Date Paper Presenter
Oct 6 Chari and Kehoe: "Bailouts, Time Inconsistency, and Optimal Regulation" Sasha Indarte
Oct 13 Begenau: "Capital Requirements, Risk Choice, and Liquidity Provision in a Business Cycle Model" Husnu Dalgic
Nov 10 Gennaioli, Ma, and Shleifer: "Expectations and Investment" Gaby Cugat
Nov 17 Stroebel and Vavra: "House Prices, Local Demand, and Retail Prices" Michiel de Jong
Dec 1 TBD Abdou Ndiaye


Date Paper Presenter
Jan 21 Gopinath and Neiman: "Trade Adjustment and Productivity in Large Crises" Sasha Indarte
Jan 28 Mendoza and Smith: "Quantitative Implications of a Debt-Deflation Theory of Sudden Stops and Asset Prices" Alice Jun
Feb 12 TBD Abdou Ndiaye
Feb 19 Kocherlakota: "Money is Memory" Gaby Cugat
Feb 26 Geanakoplos: "The Leverage Cycle" Husnu Dalgic
Mar 5 Karabarbounis and Neiman: "The Global Decline of the Labor Share" Hugh Montag
Mar 12 Rochet and Tirole: "Interbank Lending and Systemic Risk" Stephanie Johnson
Mar 19 Amiti, Itskhoki, and Konings: "Importers, Exporters, and Exchange Rate Disconnect" Catherine Wen

Fall 2014

Date Paper Presenter
Sep 24 Cabellero, Simsek: "Fire sales in a model of complexity" Sasha Indarte
Oct 1 Blanchard et al.: "News, Noise and Fluctuations" Lorena Keller
Oct 8 Benhabib et al.: "The distribution of wealth and fiscal policy in economies with finitely lived agents" Abdou Ndiaye
Oct 15 Brunnermeier, Sannikov: "The I Theory of Money" Gaby Cugat
Oct 22 TBD Hugh Montag
Oct 29 TBD Chris Li, Victor Luo
Nov 5 TBD Gideon Bornstein
Nov 12 TBD Chiara Maggi
Nov 19 Mian, Sufi: "The consequences of mortgage credit expansion: Evidence from the 2007 mortgage default crisis" Stephanie Johnson
Nov 26 Piketty, Zucman: "Capital is back: Wealth-income ratios in rich countries, 1700-2010" Luca Bittarello
Dec 3 Midrigan et al.: "Finance and misallocation: Evidence from plant-level data" Enrico Berkes
Dec 10 Eggertson et al.: "A Model of Secular Stagnation" Husnu Cagri

Winter 2013

Date Paper Presenter
Jan 22 Lorenzoni: "Optimal Monetary Policy with Uncertain Fundamentals and Dispersed Information" Juan Prada
Jan 29 Lester, Postlewaite, Wright: "Information, Liquidity, Asset Prices, and Monetary Policy" Matteo Li Bergolis
Feb 5 Cespa, Vives: "Dynamic Trading and Asset Prices - Keynes vs. Hayek" Sebastian Kohls
Feb 12 Beaudry, Portier: "When can changes in expectations cause business cycle fluctuations in neo-classical settings?" Fabian Kindermann
Feb 19 Barsky, Sims: "Information, Animal Spirits, and the Meaning of Innovations in Consumer Confidence" Ruben Gaetani
Feb 26 Mendoza, Yue : "A General Equilibrium Model of Sovereign Default and Business Cycles" Guannan Luo

Fall 2012

Date Paper Presenter
Nov 21 Geanakoplos: "The Leverage Cycle" Yuta Takahashi
Nov 28 He and Krishnamurthy: "A Model of Capital and Crises" Victor Xi Luo
Dec 5 Piazzesi and Schneider: "Inflation Illusion, Credit, and Asset Pricing" Arlene Chu
Dec 12 Conesa and Kehoe: "Gambling for Redemption and Self-Fulfilling Debt Crises" Fabian Fink

Spring 2012

Date Paper Presenter
Mar 27 Acharya, DeMarzo, Kremer: "Endogenous Information Flows and the Clustering of Announcements" Sebastian Kohls
Apr 10 Benabou and Tirole: "Belief in a Just World and Redistributive Politics" Sebastian Kohls
Apr 17 Alesina and Barro: "Currency Unions" Ludovico Zaraga
May 1 Trejos and Wright: "International Currency" Ruben Gaetani
May 8 Fuchs and Lippi: "Monetary Union with Voluntary Participation" Matteo Li Bergolis
May 22 Bloom, Floetotto, Jaimovich, Saporta-Eksten, Terry: "Really Uncertain Business Cycles" Erik Loualiche
May 29 Chiappori, Iyigun, Weiss: "Investment in Schooling and the Marriage Market" Yana Peysakhovich

Winter 2012

Date Paper Presenter
Feb 29 Iyigun and Walsh: "Endogenous Gender Power, household Labor Supply and the Demographic Transition" Paula Gobbi

Fall 2011

Date Paper Presenter
Sep 28 Rebelo and Jaimovich: "Can News about the Future Drive the Business Cycle?" Ben Johannsen
Oct 5 Beaudry and Portier: "Stock Prices, News, and Economic Fluctuations" and Sims and Barsky: "News Shocks and Business Cycles." Sofya Budanova
Oct 12 Blanchard, L'Huillier, Lorenzoni: "News, Noise, and Fluctuations: An Empirical Exploration." Matteo Li Bergolis
Oct 19 Schmitt-Grohe and Uribe: "What's News in Business Cycles?" Juan Prada
Oct 26 Christiano, Ilut, Motto, Rostagno: "Monetary Policy and Stock Market Boom-Bust Cycles." Veronika Selezneva
Nov 2 Piazzesi and Schneider: "Inflation and the Price of Real Assets." Luigi Pisano
Nov 9 Kortum and Klette: "Innovating Firms and Aggregate Innovation." Sebastian Kohls
Nov 23 Luttmer: "On the Mechanics of Firm Growth." Ruben Gaetani
Nov 30 Lucas and Moll: "Knowledge Growth and the Allocation of Time." Arlene Chu

Winter 2011

Date Paper Presenter
Jan 5 Restuccia and Rogerson: "Policy Distortions and Aggregate Productivity with Heterogeneous Plants," and Hsieh and Klenow: "Misallocation and Manufacturing TFP in China and India." Robert Ulbricht
Jan 12 Banerjee and Duflo: "Growth Theory through the Lens of Development Economics." Ludovico Zaraga
Jan 19 Buera and Shin: "Financial Frictions and the Persistence of History: A Quantitative Exploration." Guannan Luo
Jan 26 Buera, Kaboski, Shin: "Finance and Development: A Tale of Two Sectors." Matteo Li Bergolis
Feb 16 Macro Lunch Presentation Daisuke Ikeda
Feb 23 Fattal Jaef: "Entry, Exit and Mis-allocation Frictions." Benjamin Johannsen
Mar 9 Midrigan and Xu: "Finance and Misallocation: Evidence from Plant-Level Data." Daisuke Ikeda

Fall 2010

Date Paper Presenter
Sep 29 Kareken and Wallace: "Deposit Insurance and Bank Regulation: A Partial-Equilibrium Exposition," and Diamond and Dybvig: "Bank runs, deposit insurance, and liquidity." Ludovico Zaraga
Oct 6 Diamond and Rajan: "Liquidity Risk, Liquidity Creation and Financial Fragility: A Theory of Banking." Assaf Patir
Oct 13 Keister: "Bailouts and Financial Fragility." Luigi Pisano
Nov 3 Chari and Kehoe: "Bailouts, Time Inconsistency and Optimal Regulation." Matteo Li Bergolis
Nov 17 Farhi and Tirole: "Collective Moral Hazard, Maturity Mismatch and Systemic Bailouts." Daisuke Ikeda
Nov 24 Marimon, Nicolini, and Teles: "Inside-Outside Money Competition." Benjamin Johannsen
Dec 1 Gertler and Kiyotaki: "Financial Intermediation and Credit Policy in Business Cycle Analysis." Zenon Zabinski
Dec 8 Kiyotaki and Moore: "Liquidity, Business Cycles, and Monetary Policy." Guannan Luo