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Policy for Individual Faculty Web Pages

The Web is playing an increasingly important role in the life of each individual, and has greatly influenced our academic community. WCAS grants faculty members the right to create personal sites within the limit of available resources. Access to the WCAS shared web server resources is a privilege, and is provided with an expectation of responsible and acceptable use. All users who create personal web pages must follow all Northwestern policies, and local, state, and federal laws.

Personal pages represent the views and opinions of their authors only. It is necessary to distinguish between the official WCAS/department web sites, which represent the university, and the personal web pages which may contain individual opinion and other content not related to the university.

Your WCAS server account is for NU teaching and research purposes only. Your account can be suspended, and disciplinary action will be taken if you use your personal site for commercial purposes.

Principles and Guidelines

The specific principles and guidelines include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Authorized users are those individuals for whom the netid has been approved for this purpose. The netid and password combination is your identity and license to access and use the WCAS web server space for which you are specifically authorized.  See Technical Guidelines for more information.
  • Authorized users will abide by institutional policies along with applicable local, state and federal regulations. Please see additional information about use of your netid and password on the NUIT site: Rights and Responsibilities for the Use of Central Network and Computing Resources at Northwestern University
  • Authorized users are responsible for the accuracy of the information published on their personal pages.
  • WCAS does not actively monitor or generally restrict the content of materials published on the faculty personal pages.  However, the use of WCAS resources is a privilege and not a public forum.  Therefore WCAS reserves the right to restrict or deny usage of the web server space when such usage does not support the mission of Northwestern University and the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.  
  • All personal pages should include:
    • The author's name (e.g., "Created by: Author")
    • The last modified date
    • A link to the WCAS Personal Page Disclaimer:
  • Users must adhere to legal and ethical standards governing copyright and intellectual property. Some relevant links are listed below.
  • Web pages that advocate hate, hostility, or violence, or contain offensive material will be referred to the Dean’s Office for review.
  • Be aware of privacy issues. Don't publish an individual's contact information or photo on your web site unless you obtain written permission beforehand.
  • Be respectful of other publishers’ property.  While it is easy to copy text, graphics, multimedia files, etc. from other sites, you must have permission from the copyright holder to use them on your personal site.
  • Be mindful of the user. Avoid graphics that take too long to download.  Avoid "under construction" pages; if you have any incomplete pages, don’t publish them until you are ready. Avoid long, scrolling pages. Make effective use of links.

Additional Standards and Resources

Assistance to Users