Hi there!

I'm a computational linguist interested in natural language processing, social meaning, sociophonetics and interactional variation, Chinese and Japanese linguistics, gesture and embodiment, and applications of linguistic research to social good. I'm particularly interested in using computational methods to understand the linguistic mechanisms of social problems.

I'm glad to chat with students who might be interested in working with me; please feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you around!



Pay Transparency

Keeping salaries secret takes away bargaining power from workers and is a driver of structural inequalities in wages. This article is a useful starting summary of the issues at play. I will glady share my salary and details of my compensation with colleagues and anyone on the academic job market if it would be useful to you, please just email me.


I am committed to doing what I can to work for equity and create an inclusive learning environment and research community. I also know I will sometimes misstep and want to continue to improve. If you notice something I need feedback on, I'm open to hearing it and hope you're comfortable letting me know directly. If not, please feel free to fill out the anonymous feedback form to the right here.