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Editing Pages Using Dreamweaver

Before You Begin

  • You should already have a web site set up at http://faculty.wcas.northwestern.edu/~NETID/ (using your NetID). This guide assumes you are using WCAS-provided templates, but any site will work
  • If your site isn't already defined (i.e., if you are working on a lab computer):
    1. follow instructions to Define Your Site on the Initial Set Up page. You don't need to follow the other instructions on that page
    2. Make sure your files window is set to the Local View. Highlight the root (top) folder of your site and click the green down arrow (Get/(green down arrow)). Answer Yes if asked whether you are sure you want to get the entire site

      Screenshot: download entire site

Editing a Page

  1. Find the page you want to edit in the Files window. See URLs and Files for information on how to find your files
  2. Double click the file name to open the editor
  3. Make changes using the editor. When you're finished save the file and upload it (below)

Uploading Changes

Visitors to your web site don't see your changes until you upload them

  1. Highlight the page you want to upload (the page you just finished editing)
  2. Click the blue up arrow (Put/(blue up arrow))
  3. If Dreamweaver asks if you would like to "Put dependent files" answer Yes

Once your file is uploaded, visit it in your web browser to review the changes. You may need to hit refresh or reload on your browser.