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Co-Advisor, Northwestern University GK12 Graduate Student Fellows

    GK12 pairs STEM graduate students with local secondary school teachers to develop

    computational-based curricular for the science classroom. Daryl Haggard and I provide    

    support and additional professional development sessions for the GK12 STEM graduate


Co-Founder of WOWSAP (Women in Wisconsin Strengthening Astronomy and Physics)

    Networking and mentoring group for early career women astronomers and physicists at

    UW-Madison. Also obtained funding to increase the number of women colloquium

    speakers in the UW-Madison Astronomy Department.

UW-Madison Galaxy Group Organizer

    Organized and led weekly discussions on extragalactic astronomy.

Undergraduate Research Advisor for:

    William Rice, Northwestern University Undergraduate

    “The Role of Mergers and AGN Activity in Quenching Star Formation”

    Abby Cariker, Undergraduate Senior Thesis,

    “Searching for Galaxies at High-Redshift Using Deep Near-Infrared Photometry”

    Tim Larsen, Undergraduate Research, “Mass Assembly History: Comparing Low- and    

    High-redshift Rest-frame Near-Infrared Galaxy Stellar Mass Functions”

    Thomas Finzell, Undergradate Data Reduction Project, Perl- and IDL-based Subaru

    Suprime-Cam Data Reduction

High-School Student Research Advisor for:


    Patrick Loftus & Julia Crowley, “Feeding the Monster in Post-Starburst Galaxies”

    WINNERS - 3rd place in Siemens Talent Competition + $20,000 Scholarship Each!