Letters From Our Readers

Over the years, folks have emailed me a lot of photos of Victorian houses that they have seen, or which are in their neighborhood, or that they live in, and etcetera.  Most of these, of course, just end up in my email inboxes, but now and then I do receive photos that are above the norm, and sometimes I move those into a separate pictures folder.  To make a long story short, I have changed computers several times in the past 20 years, and switched from one incompatible email system to another to another, and thus the original emails that came with the photos below are long lost.  The photos themselves, however, have survived because they were in a separate place on my hard drive.  I've decided that I might as well share these photos with everyone, even if I don't know where the houses are or who sent them in, so here they are.  If anyone sees their photo below and would like to elucidate it, please send me an email.  In any case, I offer up these photos from my readers with no commentary and no explanations.  They simply stand on their own as photos of nice houses.

Contact me by e-mail at: David Taylor

All photos in this web site (except as specifically designated) are copyright 1997 through 2019 by David Taylor.  Permission to use them for one-time private or educational use is granted.  All commercial use without permission is prohibited.

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