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A place where images of many houses are recorded, their only common bond that of pleasing the photographer.

If you have not yet visited my home page, this site is about Victorian houses.  My taste in Victoriana is a bit different from that of most Victorianaphiles, if the content of your typical book of Victorian house photos is any guide.  Those books seem to be filled almost exclusively with Queen Anne houses, and in particular, Queen Annes that have been polychromatically painted nearly to the point of bad taste.

I have included any number of Queen Annes in my gallery, but personally, I have always preferred the far more formal Italianate and Second Empire styles.  Those styles were not as popular for as long as the Queen Anne, and even then only among the fairly wealthy, but that only makes them all the more special to me.  Painted Ladies are everywhere.  Really haughty, top-notch Second Empire houses?  Those are much more rare.

And whatever the style, I have always preferred brick and stone Victorians over wooden.  A brooding Romanesque Revival house in
blood-red sandstone, half-covered by unkempt ivy, or a sinister-looking brick Italianate with a looming tower, lurking behind a tall iron fence — now there's a house to get excited about.

Brightly painted houses are just too perky, you know?

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to visit, and I hope you enjoy the tour.

Evanston, Illinois (42 photos)
Galena, Illinois (30 photos)
Sterling, Illinois (10 photos)
Other Illinois Cities (46 photos)
Missouri (small towns) (25 photos)
New York (upstate) (26 photos)
Erie, Pennsylvania (10 photos)
St. Paul, Minnesota (14 photos)
Port Townsend, Washington (30 photos)
Victoria, British Columbia (10 photos)
Other Places (14 photos)
Letters From Our Readers (16 photos)

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