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Science Café: Combatting Chemical Warfare with Nanotechnology
Omar Farha will talk about ways nanotechnology is being used to break down some of the most harmful chemicals in a presentation at the Skokie Public Library, Wendesday, January 13th.
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Professor Farha receives RSC Early Career Award
Research Professor Omar Farha is the 2015 Royal Society of Chemistry Early Career Award Winner in the Environment, Sustainability and Energy Division for seminal contributions to the development of catalysis, storage and separations by metal-organic frameworks. Read More

Research team Lead By Professor Farha synthesized and tested a Catalyst capable of Destroying Common Toxic Nerve Agents Quickly
Material could be used one day to destroy stockpiles of deadly chemical weapons.
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Farha will give the main talk at the annual AIChE/ACS joint meeting "Bioinspired Sponges: Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)"

“Scientists tout breakthrough in chemical weapons battle
New compound quickly disables chemical weapons
Metal framework zaps nerve agents
Catalyst Destroys Common Toxic Nerve Agents Quickly
Catalyst destroys common toxic nerve agents quickly
New compound destroys chemical weapons faster than ever
A New Synthetic Compound Can Neutralize Chemical Weapons in Minutes
Metal-organic framework quickly destroys toxic nerve agents
Novel Material Destroys Chemical Warfare Agents Soman, VX in Minutes
Solid Catalyst Quickly Neutralizes Chemical Weapons
Catalyst destroys common toxic nerve agents quickly
Porous detox for chemical weapons
New catalyst material quickly neutralizes nerve gas

Prof. Farha to gives 2015 M. Frederick Hawthorne Lecture at UCLA
Research Professor Omar Farha will give the 2015 M. Frederick Hawthorne Lecture at UCLA on April 1st, 2015. The title of the Lecture is "Bioinspired Sponges: Functional Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs)." UCLA Event Page

The Omar Farha Award was given to Prof. Massimiliano Delferro.


Building A Better Gas Mask: Driven by materials chemistry, today’s masks provide ever-broader respiratory protection

Farha’s work highlighted in Nature “Molecular sponges store oxygen”

Profs Joseph Hupp’s and Omar Farha’s team has developed “New synthetics lead to new ways to destroy nerve agents”

Additional Advances in CO2 Fixation
Scientific American Briefings “Molecular sponges store oxygen”, November 10 issue.

New Article Published in JoVE:

Professor Omar Farha has been published in the “2014 Worlds Most Influential Scientific Minds” Book. See the list

Professor Omar Farha has been selected as a Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher. See the list

Associate Editor of Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilization, a specialty of Frontiers in Energy Research

Hupp/Farha Group Student Dana Cao Wins 1st Prize for Perovskite Solar Cells poster at HOPV14. Read more about the meeting

Prof. Farha to Speak at the 2014 Northwestern Climate Change Symposium
Prof. Omar Farha will be one of several speakers at the 4th annual Northwestern Climate Change Symposium, presented by the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences and the  Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern (ISEN). The Symposium with take place on May 16th. Learn more.

The Omar Farha Award was given to Keith Brown and Joseph Mondloch.

NuMat Technologies was selected to be a part of The State of Illinois (USA ) delegate for the Japan Nano tech 2014.


Highly Holey: MOFs with Record-Breaking Surface Areas

Check out cover: O. K. Farha and C. E. Wilmer, “Metal-organic Frameworks,” American Crystallographic Association, 2013, Fall, 3.

Northwestern University Research Annual Report, “New Materials Lead to New Science, and New Science Leads to New Technology,” 2013, page 30


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