Debunking Doomsday 2012 

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1) Introduction:

2) Questions and answers about the doomsday 2012 myth,

3) 2012 Hoax site (a well-executed, thorough examination of claims and counter-arguments by a group of professional and amateur astronomers),

4) Wikipedia’s useful summary of the 2012 phenomenon and ideas,

5) Universe Today web site critiques,

6) Discovery News Doomsday 2012 columns,

7) Top doomsday predictions gone bust (including Y2K, the Large Hadron Collider, and 8 others),

8) “Six End-of-the-World in 2012 Myths Debunked” on the National Geographic News,

9) History of the Doomsday 2012 phenomenon:

10) Phil Plait (The “Bad Astronomer”) provides historical context for the prediction of rogue planets in the solar system,

11) A detailed analysis of the Mayan calendar by an expert in mesoamerican studies, and FAQs:

12) Description and visuals for why the Galactic alignment happens every year,

13) Details from NASA on the Mayan calendar,

14) Doomsday 2012 Fact Sheet,


David Morrison (NASA Ames) summary of 2012 issues video (7 min),

Ed Krupp (Griffith Observatory) on “Time’s Up [in 2012]” (a lecture at the Beckman Center November 4, 2009; 1 h 5 min),

Jocelyn Bell Burnell on “Will the World End in 2012?” (3 videos, 2010 Royal Irish Academy), 

  1. Bullet (part 1), 

  2. Bullet (part 2), 

  3. Bullet (part 3).

Note: The majority of these references are from Andrew Fraknoi's AER article, "Resources for Responding to Doomsday 2012: An Annotated Guide".