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Current and Former Students

Students Advised

Emily Alvarez (National Opinion Research Center)
Christy Aroopala (VMware)
Toby Bolsen (Georgia State University)
Ethan Busby (Clemson University)
Meredith Czaplewski (National Opinion Research Center)
Christopher Chapp (St. Olaf College)
Emily Clough (Newcastle University)
Andra Crull (North Hennepin Community College)
D.J. Flynn (Dartmouth College)
Brian Harrison (Northwestern University)
Adam Howat(Oberlin College)
Samara Klar (University of Arizona)
Kevin Levay (FrameWorks Institute)
Thomas Leeper (London School of Economics)
Heather Madonia (Direct Opinions)
Rachel Moskowitz (Trinity College)
Kevin J. Mullinix (Appalachian State University)
Michael Parkin (Oberlin College)
Joshua Robison (Aarhus University)
Monica Schneider (Miami University, Ohio)
Julia Valdes (Lake Forest College)
Bas van Doorn (The College of Wooster)
Salvador Vázquez del Mercado (Office of the President of Mexico)

Current Students (at dissertation stage)

Sam 'S.R.' Gubitz
Matthew Nelsen
Jacob Rothschild
Richard Shafranek
Andrew Thompson