Geraci Research Group

Our research interests include tabletop tests for physics beyond the Standard Model, experimental gravitation, ultrasensitive force detection, and quantum optomechanics. Our research group moved to Northwestern in January 2018.

The Geraci Research Group, 2019
Testing gravity at micron distances with optically trapped microspheres
Zeptonewton force sensing with an optically trapped microsphere
Axion Resonant InterAction DetectioN Experiment (ARIADNE)
High frequency gravitational wave detection with levitated sensors
Sympathetic cooling of a nanosphere using cold atoms
87Rb Mirror MOT
SEM image of a silica microsphere
Si Cantilever with CoNiMnP magnetic tip
Atom Chip Experiment
Acceleration sensing with a nanosphere matter-wave interferometer
A nanosphere accelerometer using matter-wave interference
Capacitively driven microcantilever

Why is gravity so much weaker than the other standard model forces? How does it behave at short distances?

We study laser-cooling and trapping of dielectric nanoparticles for :

  • ultra-precise force measurements
  • testing gravity at the micron-scale

What is the nature of Dark Matter? Does the QCD Axion exist?

We are leading a collaborative experiment based on NMR in laser-polarized gases to search for the QCD Axion, a notable Dark Matter candidate.

ARIADNE mechanism
  • ARIADNE (Axion Resonant InterAction DetectioN Experiment)

Can we observe quantum wave-packet motion and wave-particle duality in glass nanospheres? Can we make matter-wave sensors using dielectric nanoparticles?

We study interactions between laser-cooled atoms and micro-mechanical oscillators for :

  • quantum opto-mechanics
  • quantum information science
  • studies of quantum behavior at macro-scales

Our collaborators:
Leland Stanford Junior University Indiana University Perimeter Institute Institute for Basic Science NIST

We are grateful to our sponsors:
NSF ONR Heising-Simons Foundation

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