Geraci Research Group


July 2019 Northwestern leads effort to detect new types of cosmic events. Physicists and astronomers (including the Geraci Lab) begin development of miniature gravitational-wave detector.
September 2018 New lab space finished!
group in new lab space
June 2018 Graduate student Eduardo Alejandro joins us!
January 2018 Fundamental physics is frustrating physicists: An article about our research in addition to other similar fundamental physics experiments in The Economist magazine
January 2017 Searching for Particles on a Benchtop: An article about our research in The Economist magazine
2016 Apryl Witherspoon and poster Congratulations to Apryl Witherspoon (UNR) for winning Best Undergraduate Poster at the 2016 APS Far West Section meeting!
Poster title: "Experimental Apparatus for Coupling Dielectric Nanospheres to Cold Atoms"

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