Daniel Immerwahr

Daniel Immerwahr

Bergen Evans Professor in the Humanities
History Department
Northwestern University

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Daniel Immerwahr
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Global History II, 1750-the present: The Age of Carbon, undergraduate lecture

U.S. Intellectual History since the Civil War, undergraduate lecture

U.S. Foreign Relations, undergraduate lecture

History and Theory of Information, undergraduate lecture, taught with Aaron Shaw

Empire, honors freshman seminar and lecture, taught with Adia Benton and Jules Law

Islands, honors freshman seminar and lecture, taught with Jules Law

Capitalism and Its Opponents in History, freshman seminar

Twentieth-Century U.S. Intellectual History, undergraduate senior seminar

The U.S. Empire, graduate seminar

U.S. Empire and Settler Colonialism, graduate seminar, taught with Doug Kiel

Modern Global History, graduate seminar, taught with Helen Tilley

Modern Empires, graduate seminar

Teaching History, graduate seminar

International Development in History, graduate seminar