Memory Disorders Research Society

2003 Meeting

October 9th to October 11th

Hotel 71  in Chicago

Hosted by Ken Paller, Paul Reber, and Susan Florczak

Memory Disorders Research Society

2003 Annual Meeting


Final Program

Thursday, October 9th

Breakfast                   8:00 AM

Special Session:      Semantic dementia:  An informative disorder of memory or a confusing aphasic syndrome?

8:30-9:10                     Marsel Mesulam, Northwestern University
Primary progressive aphasia

9:10-9:50                     John Hodges, Cambridge University
Semantic dementia as a disorder of memory

9:50-10:00                   General Discussion

Break                         10:00-10:30

Symposium:             Frontal lobes and retrieval
Organizer: Mick Rugg

10:30-11:00                 Mick Rugg, UC Irvine
Dissociating the roles of the prefrontal cortex in episodic retrieval

11:00-11:30                 Dan Schacter, Harvard University
False memory and the frontal lobes

11:30-12:00                 Randy Buckner, Washington University
Functional-anatomic correlates of control processes engaged during retrieval

12:00-12:30                 Michael Petrides, McGill University
The mid-ventrolateral and the mid-dorsolateral prefrontal cortex: Differential involvement in memory

Lunch                         12:30-2:30

Symposium:             Working memory / long-term memory interactions
Organizers: Paul Reber and Charan Ranganath

2:30-3:00                     Paul Reber, Northwestern University
Interactions between working and long-term memory examined with fMRI

3:00-3:30                     Charan Ranganath, UC Davis
Neural correlates of a working memory process that influences long-term memory formation

3:30-4:00                     Wendy Suzuki , NYU
The neural correlates of associative memory formation in the medial temporal lobe

Break                         4:00-4:30

4:30-5:00                     Randy O'Reilly, University of Colorado
Prefrontal-hippocampal interactions: a computational perspective

5:00-5:15                     Art Shimamura, UC Berkeley

5:15-5:30                     General Discussion

Banquet                     7:00 PM     (board buses to Mia Francesca at 6:05 and 6:35)

Friday, October 10th

Breakfast                   8:30 AM

Paper Session:          9:00-9:20                    Mark Gluck, Rutgers University
Learning and transfer generalization in Parkinson's disease

9:25-9:45                     Neal Cohen ,University of Illinois
The hippocampus and the parahippocampal region in memory for items vs memory for relations

9:50-10:10                   Cermak Award
Brian Gonsalves
, Stanford University
Recollection and familiarity-based recognition memory for faces: An fMRI investigation

Break                         10:15-10:45

Symposium:             Conditioning and Awareness
Organizer: Ken Paller

10:45-11:15                 John Disterhoft, Northwestern University
Temporal lobe amnesia, aging and awareness in human eyeblink conditioning

11:15-11:45                 Bob Clark, UC San Diego
The relationship of awareness to successful trace and delay eyeblink conditioning

11:45-12:15                 Fred Helmstetter, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Memory and contingency awareness in fear conditioning

Lunch                        12:15-2:15

Data Blitz                  2:15-3:30                     Craig Stark, Jon Simons, Stephen Rao, Michael Smith, Roberto Cabeza, Brian Levine, Kim Graham, Marcia Johnson, John Gabrieli, Naftali Raz, Scott Small

Break                         3:30-4:00

Special Session:      Familiarity Forum (theory blitz)
Organizers:  Andrew Mayes, Mick Rugg, Ken Paller, Anthony Wagner

4:00-4:15                     Andrew Mayes, University of Liverpool
Familiarity theories, disagreements, and methods for resolution

4:20-4:30                     Larry Squire, UC San Diego
Searching for functional and anatomical foundations for the familiarity concept

4:35-4:45                     Ken Norman, Princeton University
What can neural network models tell us about familiarity?

4:50-5:00                     Andy Yonelinas,  UC Davis
The relationship(s) between recollection and familiarity

5:05-5:15                     Anthony Wagner, Stanford University
Imaging familiarity: Predictions and observations

5:20-6:15                     General Discussion, moderated by
Roddy Roediger
, Washington University (discussant)

Business Meeting    6:15



Saturday, October 11th

Breakfast                   8:30 AM

Symposium:             Memory reactivation and consolidation during sleep
Organizer: Ken Paller

9:00-9:10                     Ken Paller, Northwestern University

9:10-9:40                     Sidarta Ribeiro, Duke University
Neuronal reverberation, gene expression and the hippocampal exodus of memories during sleep

9:40-10:10                   Bruce McNaughton, University of Arizona
What makes the hippocampus change its mind

Break                         10:10-10:30

10:30-11:00                 Carlyle Smith, Trent University
Memory and rapid eye movement sleep

11:00-11:30                 Bob Stickgold, Harvard Medical School
Sleep and memory consolidation, enhancement, and “relabilization”

11:30-12:00                 Jessica D. Payne & Lynn Nadel, University of Arizona
To sleep, to dream, perchance to remember

12:00-12:20                 Rosalind Cartwright, Rush-Presbyterian-St-Luke’s

12:20-12:45                 General Discussion

Adjourn                    12:45