molecular ion and atom trapping group


We are an experimental group that works with trapped molecular ions. By laser-cooling co-trapped atomic ions, we can sympathetically cool the molecular ions to milliKelvin temperatures, where velocities and environmental interactions are reduced and where novel molecular control becomes possible. Potential applications of our research range from particle physics to chemistry to astrophysics.


Recent News

  • July 2018: Scott Carmichael went to the University of Notre Dame to pursue a PhD in Physics
  • June 2018: Mark Kokish accepted a position as AMO Scientist at Honeywell
  • June 2018: Vincent Carrat accepted a position as Laser Engineer at Lumibird in Bordeaux, France
  • Apr 2018: Jacob Johansen accepted a position as Research Scientist at Honeywell
  • Oct 2017: Moved lab into new space in Mudd building
  • Sept 2017: Eugene Wu went to UCLA to pursue a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Sept 2017: Hadiseh Alaeian continued her fellowship with Tilman Pfau at the Max Planck Institute, Stuttgart
  • Sept 2017: Launched Center for Fundamental Physics at Northwestern
  • Feb 2017: Published article on SiO+ spectroscopy
  • June 2016: Manuscript on Noise reduction of a Libbrecht-Hall current driver published in Rev. Sci. Inst.
  • June 2016: Chris Seck accepted a job as a research scientist at GTRI




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