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by Matthias Doepke, Andreas Lehnert, and Andrew Sellgren.

From the Preface:

We have designed this book to be a supplement to Robert J. Barro's Macroeconomics, which is the textbook that is used in introductory macroeconomics courses at the University of Chicago. In teaching these courses, we have found that Barro's treatment of the subject does not make use of the mathematical skills of our students. In particular, Barro relies almost exclusively on economic intuition and graphs to elucidate his subject. Since our students are familiar with calculus, we are able to work out formal models. This almost always allows greater concreteness and concision.

You can learn more about this book by examining the front matter and preface:
As a PostScript file: (103 Kb, 22 Feb 00)
As an Acrobat file: dls_pref.pdf (49 Kb, 22 Feb 00)

The entire 300-page manuscript is available, but beware of the large file sizes:
As a PostScript file: (2047 Kb, 22 Feb 00)
As an Acrobat file: main.pdf (1656 Kb, 22 Feb 00)

You can also access the manuscript one chapter at a time:
Chapter 1dls_ch1.psdls_ch1.pdf
Chapter 2dls_ch2.psdls_ch2.pdf
Chapter 3dls_ch3.psdls_ch3.pdf
Chapter 4dls_ch4.psdls_ch4.pdf
Chapter 5dls_ch5.psdls_ch5.pdf
Chapter 6dls_ch6.psdls_ch6.pdf
Chapter 8dls_ch8.psdls_ch8.pdf
Chapter 9dls_ch9.psdls_ch9.pdf
Chapter 10dls_ch10.psdls_ch10.pdf
Chapter 11dls_ch11.psdls_ch11.pdf
Chapter 12dls_ch12.psdls_ch12.pdf
Chapter 13dls_ch13.psdls_ch13.pdf
Chapter 14dls_ch14.psdls_ch14.pdf
Chapter 15dls_ch15.psdls_ch15.pdf
Chapter 17dls_ch17.psdls_ch17.pdf
Chapter 18dls_ch18.psdls_ch18.pdf
Chapter 19dls_ch19.psdls_ch19.pdf